High Volume Secure Bitcoin Mixer

Our Bitcoin mixer is fast, safe and easy to use. No registration is required. Our state-of-the-art Bitcoin mixing algorithm tumbles your coins with hundreds of other users, rendering your Bitcoins completely anonymous. The mixing process takes between one and six hours. The fee is randomized between 1.5% and 3% on each mixing transaction.

TOR URL: http://sq33ayc56fxsfxfy.onion/

MINIMUM Amount: 0.01 BTC. If you have any problem with the mixer or need to quickly cancel your mixer request, please use emergency support for a fast response

Service Fee: 1.650000000%
Forwarding Address:  Add Address

I understand that the incoming address is valid only for 24 hours. All further payments to the given address will be ignored.

I understand that the mixing process will take between 1 and 6 hours.

A unique CoinMixer code will be generated after your first Mixing Request. When using the mixer in the future, enter your CoinMixer code to ensure that your old Bitcoins are never tumbled with your new ones. Using the CoinMixer code is not mandatory but helps increase the anonymity of your future Mixed coins. Why use a BTC Mixer?

WHAT DO WE DO? CoinMixer is a Bitcoin mixer which anonymizes your Bitcoins, making them untraceable to your personal identity. We can handle high volume Bitcoin mixing with speed, safety, and reliability. Your coins will be completely randomized and anonymized. We charge a random fee between 1.5% and 3% on each transaction. The fee is random to ensure each mix is unique and untraceable. Mixers with lower fees are most likely scams.
WHY MIX YOUR BITCOINS? Because most Bitcoins are tainted by illegal transactions on darknet marketplaces. Even if you are completely innocent, your coins could be linked to illegal activity by someone else, resulting in a knock on the door (or worse). Since Bitcoin is not actually anonymous by default, you should always mix and tumble your Bitcoins to ensure they are completely clean.
HOW DOES IT WORK? CoinMixer tumbles your Bitcoins with those of thousands of other Bitcoin users, randomizing their origins and making them entirely untraceable in the blockchain. We made the user interface as simple and easy to use as possible, with no registration required and no heavy images or javascript on the page. We also provide a TOR mirror for absolute security.